Irene Dawson, die Leiterin der Destiny Welfare Schule hat uns vor kurzem ihren Jahresbericht 2023 gesendet. Ihr Grußwort, einen Einblick in das Schulleben und das Portrait eines der Kinder möchten wir euch heute schon einmal zur Verfügung stellen. Mehr dazu im nächsten Rafaelsboten. Herzlichen Dank für Eure Spenden!

Jürgen Keil


Dear Parish St. Rafael,
The year 2023 is coming to an end! And Destiny has completed 7 years officially as of 30 November 2023 and it is a proud moment. But as many challenges as there was for us in many different areas like finances, staffing and even having a proper place to teach students, we have somehow pulled through by the grace of God and all of your support.
The number of students has grown to 146!
We believe it is going to get better once the cabins are completed. We need another RM 50K to complete the classrooms and have it fully furnished to run a smooth classroom.
At the same time, we have been approached now to do a proper full licensing to run this centre. Earlier it was not required as we receive a Protection Letter from UNHCR every year. We are also registered with the Ministry of Education through UNHCR.  It seems there are now new rulings in place whereby we have to apply for Municipal, Fire protection, Health Ministry and also the Education Ministry licences and approval. This was never a requirement over the last 7 years of operation at Destiny. But it will be good as now we can also apply for Destiny as a Cambridge Learning Centre in order for the students to have a proper education with or without the UNHCR Protection Letter. We have started the application, and it will be process that involves governmental visits, submission of documents, getting a lot more things in order within Destiny and also getting all the teachers vaccinated and trained to be better.
Thank you, St. Rafael, for your support over the Years!
Irene Dawson, President and Founder

Class Love, 4 years old.
These are the children who are being groomed with education, health and healthy lifestyle with character building together with values. They are learning about what is classroom seating, writing, drawing, coloring and even singing with dancing. A lot of games and interactions with the teachers and lots of fun. They love to come to school. At the same time, the parents can go to work and be at peace that their child is safe and learn discipline. Class Love have a good breakfast and lunch, shower and also nap since they all come to school early. 

Eaint Chit, 3 years old.
Single mother came from Myanmar after her husband passed away in war. The mother works in a food court cleaning up from early morning. It must be difficult being a widow in a foreign country. It is notable that Eaint Chit is cheerful and playful. She used to cry a lot before when coming to school in the mornings. Now she has stopped and comes willingly. She plays and interacts with other children in the class and is beginning to adapt well.