Liebe Gemeinde,
wir haben nach unserer letzten Überweisung der Spenden der Fasten- und Osterzeit eine schöne Dankesnachricht von Irene Dawson erhalten. Die englische Orginalversion und eine Übersetzung findet ihr im folgenden Text.
Jürgen Keil

Dear Juergen,
This is really the partnership to build the lives of the children. We will never be able to do the work of giving education, healthy food and character building without the support of many partners.
I personally am grateful to God for the miracle of allowing me to see that He is in control and He will send partners to build the children for their future and destiny.
Please do convey my heartfelt gratitude to the members of your church and the community there. Please do continue to support us and see the lives of the children being rooted and grounded on the solid foundation of faith in Jesus Christ!
God bless.
Yours Sincerely
Irene J Dawson, Founder / Chairman